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Security Window Film

Security professionals have known for years that windows are inviting targets for criminals.

Schools have experienced tragedies because of window vulnerabilities. The gunman responsible for the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was able to enter the building by smashing the windows at the campus front entry.

Windows that have been reinforced to mitigate impacts save lives. Window film technology improves security, protects building occupants from flying debris during high-wind events, and helps conserve energy.

Safety and security window film significantly mitigates hazards from shattered glass while adding protection against human intrusion. Windows and glass doors are among the most vulnerable points of entry into any building, especially homes, schools, and retail storefronts.

From breaking-and-entering crimes to natural disasters, security film secures glass in place during blasts, natural catastrophes, spontaneous breakage, or ‘smash and grab’ events. In the case of human causes, safety window film can help deter unwanted individuals from entering a building, all while providing valuable time for occupants to take necessary action.

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Security Window Film