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Tinted Windows for Home or Office

Provide your home or office with 99.9% protection from the sun's penetrating UV rays with tinted windows from Indianapolis Window Tinting Inc. We can help reduce fading and lower the heat in a room by up to 90%. Our films have a neutral look while affording many levels of privacy depending on your requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Improve the energy efficiency of your home or office with tinted windows. Reduce your monthly utility bills while protecting your furnishings. The added 99.9% UV protection helps keep your wood floors, fabrics, artwork, and more from fading and bleaching. Window tint treatments add value to your home's appearance.


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Extra Protection & Energy Conservation

While blinds might provide you with privacy, they don't provide a solution to saving energy as effectively as window film. Our window films reflect and absorb up to 90% of all incoming solar heat. Our film also reduces the potential of a window shattering. We offer privacy film that provides100% privacy, as well as a film that is clear while still providing 99.9% UV rejection.